Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eve of Exodus

Last night I was energetic and restless. Tonight I am quiet and thoughtful. There is something about preparing for a long trip that humbles me. I think this cross-country voyage is a necessary step in my evolution. I’ve driven from Connecticut to New Orleans. I’ve driven from New Orleans to San Diego. But this will be the longest road trip I’ve ever attempted… somewhere around 6000 miles by the time we arrive back in San Diego at the end of the month.

Along the way, we will drive through deserts, mountains, plains. We risk driving through thunderstorms and tornadoes. We may be confronted with car troubles. Each obstacle will be tackled as we encounter it. The only constant will be the highways on which we drive.

This road trip serves as a prelude to our future sailing voyages - an exercise in team work and navigation across a somewhat controlled environment. But more than anything, it will be an exercise in living that will eventually fade into a memory that we will no doubt cherish for the rest of our lives.

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  1. My Gram & Gramp used to take a month every year & make a cross-country trip. Every October, right after my birthday, they would leave, heading west. They would drive out to California to see my Gramp's sister in Torrance, then to see his cousin in Desert Hot Springs. Then they would head to Texas to see their daughter. After that, they would drive to Florida to visit Disney World, and then home again, up the East Coast, making it home just in time to plan Thanksgiving. I have some of the photos from a few of their trips & I cherish them. =) I hope your trip brings you just as many wonderful memories to tuck away!