Sunday, January 1, 2012

From Rabbits to Dragons

Our list of things to accomplish in 2011 was a short one:

*Get an auto-tiller
*Sail more!!
Around August, we scratched both items off our list. Unfortunately, the auto-tiller we purchased didn't work for our boat so it was returned to West Marine and the auto-tiller goes back on our list.

Some people think you should aim high so you don't shoot your foot. I think if you expect nothing, you'll never be disappointed. With so little planned for 2011, it was impossible to disappoint. Here's the list of what we actually accomplished:

*Force 10 Cozy Cabin heater installed (x2)
*Rustoleum on the propane tank
*Dive ladder installed
*Grill maintenance, new lights, new hardware on the tiller, outboard engine mount
*Outdoor speakers installed
*New mattress in v-berth
*New curtains in salon

We also had quite a few opportunities to sail Mo-C:

*Maiden Voyage of 2011, Bay Sail
*Bay sail with the Steichens
*Glorietta anchorage
*La Playa anchorage
*Mission Bay anchorage
*Sailing to Dana Point
*Dana Point anchorage
*Catalina Island (Catalina Videos)
*Glorietta anchorage #2

We only made it out of California once in 2011 (eek!) but we had a blast in...
*South Florida

So without my other half here to confer with, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 2012 will most definitely involve travels outside of California, as well as that much needed auto-tiller. Everything else is optional!

Happy New Year!