Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Punishment Light

Anyone who watches Weeds knows about the Punishment Light. We have our own version right here on Harbor Drive. I can't express to you the countless minutes I spend daily, while the hot sun beats down into my driver's side window, waiting for that little arrow to turn green. And if you are driving a motorcycle or scooter, fuggetaboutit! Ain't happenin'. You'll need to run the light or use the crosswalk. Seriously.

There is no way to avoid the light if you live on the mooring field... unless, of course, you arrive home from the west. But you can't always come home from the west... unless you want to detour around the airport every time.

A couple weeks ago, Ben decided to run the red light in my car... unfortunately right in front of a police occifer. The cop pulled him over, agreed that it was a terrible light, and let him go without a warning. (Don't think it's always that easy... I swear Ben was a psychologist in a past life.) But it was nice of the cop to admit that the light sucks.

The bright side: The Punishment Light is my daily lesson in patience.


  1. I LOVE THAT SHOW WEEDS.. A FRIEND BOUGHT ALL THE VIDEO'S - I'VE NOT SEEN IT IN A WHILE... but when I did watch it.... always great!

  2. Ya know if you jump out and run realy fast you can push the crosswalk thingy and it will change for you. But you have to be realy fast..

  3. hey mark! damn, that would be really fast! i was thinking maybe turn into the cell phone lot and push the crosswalk button... they get the green first anyway. i just never think of it til its too late...