Monday, May 11, 2009

Will Work For Parking

I thought living on a boat meant living with less. Learning to go without. I saw this guy pass by today and I had to snap a shot of his boat. You'd be surprised how many people actually keep this much stuff on their boats out here. (Some people don't sail, and have no intentions of doing so.) Even if I weren't sailing, I think half the allure of living on a boat (or in a motor home) is not living with clutter.

Part of the problem with clutter on a boat is that the clutter inevitably spills out into the parking lot. The parking lot you see here is open and free of charge to the public. That includes anyone living on a boat, or biking, running, walking, sightseeing, etc. There are about 55 such parking spots lining the Bay, perhaps 5 of which are marked Handicapped. You may recognize Thin Mint as the beautiful mint-colored Tercel on the left side of the picture. Scoring that spot was no easy feat. I had to do two U-turns to get that spot. It seems that many residents of the mooring field not only collect crap, but they also collect cars. Of late, parking has been almost impossible because certain someones have parked their numerous cars in the few available spots and refuse to ever move them. Ever. Those of us who actually use our cars circle around the lots aimlessly, waiting for an actual *mobile* car to leave. What if we had to pay for parking? Do you think the packrats would finally unload their extra vehicles? Hmmm...

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