Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am a true believer in the saying, "You are who you surround yourself with." Over the past 7 years in San Diego, that has made me:
a) A dumb blonde
b) A fun-loving brunette
c) A person who just wants to get laid, no matter what the cost
d) Someone who believes money buys happiness
e) A chihuahua with big ears
Some of those don't sound so bad. But I prefer small ears. And I know from experience money doesn't buy happiness and marriage doesn't guarantee sex (C'mon ladies, sex is not meant to be used as a tool).

I'm pleased to announce that, lately, I'm elated. And I owe my elation, in part, to the people I surround myself with. There are a lot of happy people out here on the mooring field. People who truly understand that money DOES NOT buy happiness. People who don't sell their souls to the she-devil simply because their biological clock chimed their 35th year (and I say she-devil because most people out here are men). People who can honestly say they love their lives. And they mean it. And it's refreshing. And it rubs off.

I am a happy person by nature. (Yes, Mom, it's true!) But I'm often overwhelmed by a deep sense of sadness because I feel like many of the people with which I've surrounded myself in the recent past wear a false facade. And I'm not easily fooled. And it truly hurts me to the core.

But, to quote the great Bob Dylan, times they are a-changing... and I'm pleased to be surrounded with happy, like-minded people.

Thanks people! <3


  1. :) i agree :)
    I try to stay happy - sometimes life can get me down but..... - it always seems to be for the best... My happy place is the beach lately... I've always ALWAYS been a desert person!!
    take care -

  2. Wow, so you've been out there about the same amount of time I've been in Florida! (seven years this past March) I totally agree though. Your personal attitude can be truly affected--positively or negatively--by those you choose to surround yourself with. I was as guilty as anyone, for a while, when it came to wearing a facade. I am so happy to say those days are completely and firmly behind me now.

  3. i used to think it was enough just to *say* i was happy. but then i realized i was only fooling myself. it's nice to find people who are comfortable in their own skin :)

  4. Hey baybor. I got this thing'y workin. Thanks for posting on my spot !!
    Yea we have it made and it's only gona get better thats the cool thing.

  5. sounds so refreshing :) Glad to hear that you are surrounded by genuine people. it certainly is a good feeling.