Friday, May 29, 2009

Parking Wars

Losing Faith in Humanity, one @-hole at a time.


Yesterday, Ben and I were out in the parking lot doing some last minute fixes to the car before our cross-country trip. Anyone who has ever parked along San Diego Bay between the Coast Guard station and Downtown knows how hectic it can be. We had the hood up and we were both sitting inside the car when this @-hole (who coincidentally has some connection to the boat three companionways down from us) pulled up behind us and asked if we were leaving. Ben replied, "No." He looks at the open hood and with the biggest grin he can muster, asks if we're broken down. WTF?

A few hours later, Ben encountered the same @-hole on the dock. The guy didn't recognize Ben but complained that his generator was out of gas and he asked for directions to the nearest gas station. Let's just say Karma's has this funny way of leading @-holes down the wrong path. ;)


About a week ago, I posted a picture showing how Ben and I shared one parking spot for three rides (the smallest of which he recently traded to a friend for a scooter). This afternoon, a friend (and baybor) reported that one of the mooring field @-holes inquired to him about Ben's KLR-650. The @-hole claimed Ben had been parked in the same parking spot for months without moving. (Someone please tell me how Ben can get to work without moving his motorcycle?) The @-hole suggested Ben move the bike before "someone" calls the cops. Since when is it illegal for a motorcycle to park in a parking spot? I'm sure Ben is doing the rest of us a favor by using only a portion of a spot, leaving room for a car to pull in front of his motorcycle. That particular parking arrangement seemed to suit this @-hole quite well the other day when he parked one of his two cars in the half-vacant spot.

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  1. i absolutely HATE ignorant @-holes especially when it comes to driving/parking/or whatever it may be!