Friday, May 22, 2009

Fresh Sushi for Dinner?

Both Adam and Justin work for Seaforth Boat Rentals, so they have access to many cool rides. Today, Justin borrowed the Sea Chaser (with a 90HP engine!) and he and Ben set out for the kelp beds off of Point Loma to fish, surf and do whatever else whacky pirates do. I'm hoping they catch something delicious for dinner.

As for me, this wench is staying around the mooring field again today. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to focus on work since Ben cut his own hours at work. Distractions are aplenty and I'd much rather be having fun with everyone else than sitting here working. Ahhh, one of the [few] downfalls of working from home. So, I begrudgingly accept whatever alone time I am offered to work (and here I sit blogging instead. Doh!) Anywho, I'm forever grateful that I only work part-time which allows me ample time for fun myself. And I'll be even more grateful for a belly full of the freshest of fresh sushi... if they can wrangle it!

Here are a few more pics of the boys taking off:

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  1. I want some fresh sushi for din din... I love sushi... I've been going to Wasabi Sushi in P.B. lately IT'S soooo GOOD.