Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not-So-Gray May

 This May has been unseasonably warm and sunny, perhaps redemption for last year's lack of summer. A couple weeks ago, I got my new waterproof camera and Ben, Lola and I rode our bikes (well, ok, we didn't make Lola pedal the whole way) to Ocean Beach. This is a colorful shot of the usually barren and dehydrated San Diego River.

In addition to bestowing life upon the river, the winter rains also speckled our white propane tank in shades of rust. Ben refilled the tank the other day and coated it with Rustoleum to prevent further deterioration.

Hopefully, we'll not only find the time to scratch a couple more small boat projects off our "To Do" list this summer, but we'll also get some much-needed time on the water practicing our skills.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anchorage Two: La Playa

About a month ago, we anchored for the second time this year... in La Playa. Most of the excitement happened to one of the neighboring boats anchored here. We spent a few hours relaxing in our cockpit one afternoon, with live entertainment consisting of a peregrine falcon defeathering and consuming a pigeon on the spreader of said boat.

Once that show was over, we had the excitement of watching a powerboat drag anchor downwind, right towards the same boat. Ben helped save the day by rowing over and fending off the powerboat before Vessel Assist arrived. (No one was aboard the sailboat at the time).




Vessel Assist to the Rescue...

The grand finale of our trip came after a night at Shelter Island's Marina Club - the home of Semi-Live Entertainment. After a few too many Sailor Jerrys, Ben's usually graceful dinghy launch got a little tipsy and we made a grand splash... right into the water. Thus marks our first submergence in almost 3 years of living on the boat. Casualties included one camera, two cell phones, a pair of flip flops, a life preserver, a sponge and a couple towels. Overall, not a horribly tragic flip. I have recently acquired a new camera and will be ready for our next anchorage, hopefully in the very near future. And this camera is... WATERPROOF!