Sunday, May 17, 2009

Doo, Doo, Doo, Looking Out My Back Door

This is a view looking out the companionway to the stern of the boat. Does anything look amiss?

I've heard about the grass being greener... but apparently the same goes for trees. We decided to flip the boat around (stern to shore) a few days ago with the help of Adam and Justin. I used to see bobbing masts. Now the view out the companionway is that of a bobbing tree. There is something very unnatural about a bobbing tree.

But I'm not sure the tree is the real problem. The companionway seems to act as a vacuum, sucking up the societal cacophony: sounds of airplanes, honking cars, squealing tires, bikers, walkers, joggers. Part of the allure of living on a boat is to escape from society. This new perspective is making that more difficult.

We decided to flip the boat because it's easier to pull forward off the mooring ball. We've had some hairy experiences trying to reverse off the ball because Mother Culture likes to turn to starboard when reversing from a standstill. I think with some practice we can perfect the maneuver... And slip comfortably back into our escapist mentality.

The grass isn't always greener... even under a bobbing tree.


  1. Is the bobbing tree something like when you stop but the car next to you starts rolling forward slowly (or backing up put of the adjacent parking spot) and acts as an optical illusion making you think *you're* still moving? (Or does that only happen to me?)

  2. oh no, that happens to me, too! this bobbing tree almost reminds me of a dancing broccoli. like something you might see on a kid's show promoting vegetables!

  3. i love brocolli.... :)
    cream of brocolli... mmmm just had some home made soup it was delish!!
    .. gotta love the tree's... so I just figured it out I think.. is your boats name MOTHER CULTURE? lol