Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beer Can Races on s/v Time Out

s/v Time Out on the right
A few weeks ago, Ben and I teamed up with our neighbors Ralph and Brigite, and friend Oliver, to compete in the Beer Can Races on their 26' Ranger, s/v Time Out. We came in 1st in our class that night. Ben has sailed with "Team Time Out" a few more times since and they've placed either first or second each time. Here are a few pictures of the race taken by various photographers who were out on the water at the time:
s/v Time Out rounding the buoy

s/v Time Out flying the spinnaker

s/v Time Out (in the forefront) - That's Ralph at the helm, Oliver in yellow, me in red, and Brigite  up front. Ben  must be hiding behind Ralph!

Ben and Ralph having a beer before the race begins

Saturday, June 15, 2013