Friday, June 26, 2009

When Was The Last Time...

You Did Something For The First Time?
The second night we were in South Haven, we decided to sleep in our brand new tent in Aunt Faye's backyard during an electrifying thunderstorm. I don't remember ever sleeping outside in weather like that. It's possible I did as a child on one of the many camping trips my family and I went on, but it's different when you're a child and you know your parents will protect you! This was the first time I've ever camped out in a thunderstorm in my adult life. I'm not sure I got much sleep that night, and I tried to stay as close to Ben as possible... I figured if I'm going down, he's going down with me! Lola was right in the middle, ears pricked, probably wondering what all the ruckus was about (we live in San Diego... it hardly rains here, never mind thunder and lightning). Every time the thunder cracked and the lightning lit up the tent, I reminded myself that someone somewhere was really camping... and didn't have the option of running for cover inside a dry, sturdy house. When the storm finally passed and we got a couple Zzz's, we awoke to find the other tent in the yard didn't fare as well as ours. Luckily no one was sleeping inside! Kudos to Eureka! for making one bad-ass tent.


  1. wow. Glad your tent did well & didn't collapse like the other one.. HOW FUN to just rough it in a backyard in the tent during a thunderstorm. You should have video'd the tent lighting up and the sounds.. probably boring to think but it'd look cool I'm sure.
    Welcome back home :) Hope Lola enjoyed the trip!

  2. actually, ben did take a couple videos. i'll have to add them...