Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Again, Finnegan

We arrived home this morning at 2:00 AM. We drove a total of 7,127 miles over a span of 22 days & 3 hours. Each time we stopped for gas, we switched drivers. Each shift, we drove anywhere between 180 to 297 (!) miles. Ben drove the record 297 miles. Not by choice. Around Mile 200, he began looking out for a gas station but Kansas decided it would be a good idea to toy with us. When we finally found one, 97 miles later, we had a quarter of a gallon of gas left in our tank. (We did have a couple gallons reserve in the trunk.) Needless to say, the next shift I stopped off for gas at 180 miles so as not to run into the same problem. Thin Mint averaged about 33 mpg with no mechanical problems. She was quite a trooper, as was Lola. I have pictures from the second half of the trip to post and hopefully I’ll get started on that tomorrow. Right now, it’s time for dinner and a margarita. It’s good to be home. :)


  1. No matter how fantastic the trip, I am always happy to be home again. That first night back in my own bed feels like heaven.

  2. glad you're back and in one piece!

  3. indeed... there is nothing like a good night's sleep in my own bed! after all that driving, yesterday felt like a relaxing vacation in san diego!