Friday, June 12, 2009

Mystic, CT

On Wednesday, Ben, Lola and I set out on a journey to Mystic, CT to get some pizza and check out the harbor. The weather here in Connecticut has not been very agreeable since we arrived. Apparently, Connecticut is the new Seattle. We have enjoyed a couple days of sunshine but mostly we see mist, fog, and rain. At first I was loving the change from San Diego sunshine but I'll admit I've reached my wit's end after a week of nothing but grey. And I'm not looking forward to the 10-day forecast of [you guessed it] more rain when we're due to arrive in South Haven, Michigan mid-week. I was pleased to know I'd be missing "June Gloom" in San Diego but it looks like she very possibly got caught in Thin Mint's bumper and dragged 3000 miles across the country with us. If anyone hears me complaining about the sunshine and warmth when I get back home, please feel free to smack me. Here are some pictures from Mystic:


  1. I love hanging out by the water and watching the drawbridge go up and down. Mystic is such a great little town to spend time in.

  2. so, was the Pizza Mystical???

    Kimberly :)