Sunday, June 7, 2009

Motorcycle Diaries

On Saturday, we went on a motorcycle tour in and around Connecticut. Instead of GPS, we had FNR to guide us. (That's short for Frank Nash Richardson.) My dad knows just about every back road through every state in New England. He and my mom guided us down winding roads, through forests and across farm land, around lakes and over rivers. We cruised through parts of Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. We're thankful that my dad keeps extra motorcycles on hand and that we were able to make use of one for the day. I knew there was no better way for Ben to get a view of the area than by following my dad on a motorcycle.

Here are some pics of Connecticut farmland.

Lake Waramaug

This is Bull's Bridge, on the border of Kent, CT and somewhere in New York. We took a quick stop here to take a couple pictures and check out the waterfall. Then we headed on into New York to conquer some hairpin turns along Bash Bish Falls before cruising across some more farm land towards Great Barrington, MA and onto Stockbridge, MA before heading back to Bristol, CT.

The highlight of our trip was The Guthrie Center in Great Barrington, MA.
Some of you may know the song Alice's Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie. It is a musical monologue based on a true story that began on Thanksgiving Day 1965. As the song tells, a couple of hippies by the names of Ray and Alice lived in this old church back in the day. We got the opportunity to go inside and check it out. After we scoping out the church, we followed my parents to Stockbridge to the site of the old Alice's Restaurant. We didn't actually see the restaurant open for business but I did get a picture of the sign. If you're interested in the story of Alice's Restaurant, you can check out the song or the lyrics. Lucky for me, my dad knows all the cool hippie places in New England and New York (but please don't accuse him of being a hippie)! I wonder what other cool places he knows of but has yet to show me!?


  1. that bridge reminds me of the one in the movie BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY.. idk if you've seen it but it's a pretty good movie :) ... Cool pictures. Do you ride a motorcycle or just your man??

  2. Hi Kimberly: i don't drive a motorcycle... just ben does. and i never saw bridges of madison county but on the drive across the country we drove through madison county and i thought of that movie. funny you mentioned it!

  3. Ohhhh... Trees! And winding roads! And rolling hills! And old churches! I am soaking it in.