Friday, June 26, 2009

South Haven, MI

We spent six days in South Haven, MI, a little town on Lake Michigan where Ben's mom grew up. There we met up with Ben's family (immediate, cousins, aunts, uncles... Everyone!) to celebrate his grandmother's 90th birthday. The weather was pretty severe the first few days after we arrived but then it cleared up and it was hot and sunny for the remainder of our time there. We took in some sunsets, walked around the downtown area and out onto the pier. We sat at Captain Lou's and watched the drawbridge. His Aunt Faye had a bonfire in her backyard for all the cousins. I am only posting a few pictures of South Haven here. Ben and I both carry cameras so you can imagine how many pictures we have of the entire trip. Once I finish posting some on my blog, I'll post links to our pictures in Picasa for anyone who dares to tackle the whole bunch!!

Here are a couple shots of the downtown area

And the waterfront

And of course a sailboat
The lighthouse on the pier

You Know Who
Monkey in the Middle
The Drawbridge


  1. cool little town.. I love the shadow picture of the 3 of you... super cute.. :) Lola the Monkey :) hahah!

  2. Sam, i think i love S. Haven! It looks like a great little town~

  3. Oh!! I love the shadow photo too! Totally made me smile.