Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carbon Neutral

I've been feeling sorry for myself lately because I'd like to buy a used vehicle but I can't find anything worth buying. I blame the economy, I suppose. People are hard up for money and craigslist is overwrought with overpriced junk. The last two cars I purchased were a 1985 Honda CRX for $800 that lasted me 3 years and a 1991 Toyota Tercel for $1100 that lasted almost two years and carried us twice back and forth across the country on one oil change (probably not joking)! But lately, most of the cars available for less than $1500 are crap. So I continue to hoof it.

I decided in order to cheer myself up, I'd write about my carbon neutrality. It's been a topic of blogversation for me before and it's in the forefront of my mind lately because I'm taking an Oceanography class in which we're learning about global warming and ocean acidification. Every article I read creates more animosity in me because I know some uninformed people continue to insist that global warming is a myth and/or continue to believe that it's not their problem. I dislike sharing my planet with these people. But since I can't move to another planet, all I can really do is set a good example and hope someone, somewhere, learns from my example.

So here is my example:
  • I live on a moderately sized sailboat with my boyfriend (it takes up less space, thus leaving more room for everyone else) 
  • I row my dinghy (zero carbon emissions)
  • I walk or ride my bicycle when I need to get someplace (zero carbon emissions)
  • I use public transportation or Ben gives me a ride on his motorcycle when I need to get to distant places (less carbon emission than driving a car solo)
  • I get my energy from solar power (zero carbon emissions - although I'll admit sometimes I am forced to use a gas generator when the weather is cloudy - probably less than 10 gallons of gas per year)
  • I cook with propane (propane has a smaller carbon footprint than other fuels)
  • Generally, people who live on boats don't shower as frequently as *normal* people, therefore saving water. Now you know.
I know some people think I'm being self-righteous when I talk about this stuff. But I'm seriously tired of doing grocery shopping and laundry on my bicycle. My body was not built to be a workhorse. So in a desperate attempt to make myself feel better, I am reminding myself why it is better to hoof it than to buy another car. Now, if you know anyone in the San Diego area with a used 5-speed they would like to get rid of for less than $1500, please contact me. ;)

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