Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rainy Day Excursion

We've been experiencing our share of rain here in San Diego over the last couple of weeks. A couple weeks ago, Ben's Mom, his sister Jenny and her three kids came down from the east coast to splash around with us. We didn't have too many opportunities to take them sailing, due to our busy schedules and the bad weather. But with the help of our friend Justin, we managed to get out there one Saturday, much to the chagrin of the seasoned salts on the field. A storm was making its way straight up the bay, so we had enough time to get out of the mooring field, raise the sails, dip the rail and soak ourselves before heading back. Naturally the sun came out just as we were arriving back at the dock. Ben and Adam took Jenny and the kids out again on Monday (I think his Mom had enough of an experience in the stormy weather!) and had a beautiful sail out to the ocean, complete with dolphins. I was only able to snap a few pics of our rainy day excursion (and not too many because my camera isn't waterproof and I was busy pulling in sails!). Here are the pics:

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  1. I was holding Lola's champagne for her in that first photo. -- Jenny