Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot Fun

Just like everywhere else, the weather in San Diego has been atypical this year. We've had some nights in the 30's and some days in the 70's. Recently, Ben installed a Force 10 propane heater in the cabin of Mother Culture and we've been enjoying the warmth on those cold nights. Eventually, he'll build a safety rail around it... as anyone who lives on a boat knows the chances of one of us branding ourselves are pretty good!

In other news, The Little Salty Chihuahua turns 7 years old today!


  1. Nice job. Do you have pics of the install? Would love to see what how you vented through the cabin top. This project is on my to-do list for next fall. Thanks!

    PS. Happy birthday LSC!

  2. I've been so lazy about blogging lately that I skimped on pictures this time. But we do have more pics. I'll work on that tomorrow! Luckily, Ben found the heater on craigslist and it had all the necessary parts with it. All he had to do was drill a hole, cut some wood for the chimney topper, mount it and do a little fine-tuning. But I'll get some pics up of exactly how everything looks...