Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silence Is Golden

I've blogged before about the different sounds one hears while living on a boat. I actually keep a pair of earplugs near my pillow because sometimes sounds keep me up at night. Most of the sounds can be quieted by adjusting lines and fenders. Lately, I've been reminded of a couple sounds that cannot be hushed: those of the shrimp and the croakers. I can't describe the sounds to you but I can tell you that, from time to time, I've spent hours searching the boat high and low, trying to pinpoint the cause of the "pinging" or the "creaking". If only the shrimps and the croakers could see me searching... they'd surely get a chuckle.

Here are a couple of videos that will give you a better idea of what they sound like... in reality, the pistol shrimp sounds a little less like a pistol and the croaker sounds a little more like a... um, well, it just sounds different through water and fiberglass, but you'll get the idea.


  1. I'm with you on boat sounds. I just got a pair of earplugs that are totally sounds proof. They're actually made of wax that melts a bit in your ears to totally prevent sounds from coming in. I'm too paranoid to actually use them in case there is something that I really need to hear.
    I hope you guys are fairing well after the recent events in Japan!

  2. i know how you feel- i always worry i'm going to need to hear something when i have my earplugs in! and ben sleeps like a rock!

    we were not affected by the tsunami but have been humbled by everything that is still happening in japan.