Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Force 10 Cozy Cabin

Here are some close-ups of the heater install. Ben bought it used on craigslist and it had everything included except the wooden ring beneath the vent, which Ben cut out of some scrap wood we had lying around (yes, believe it or not, we have scrap wood lying around... or more correctly, tucked into random places) on our boat.

This is a view of the vent from the topsides. The vent cap is screwed on to
prevent water leakage but loose enough to maintain the proper amount of circulation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. He sealed everything with 5200 and/or epoxy.

Here is a view of the copper tubing running from the heater up through the deck. It has one 45 degree bend in it. The bend is optional, but it allows for more heat to transfer into the cabin rather than escaping through the vent, thereby increasing efficiency. 

Here is a picture of the hole drilled through the ceiling/deck for the vent. The pipe is 1" and the hole is 2", to prevent the deck material from getting too hot. The screws need to be filed down and a little wooden ring would give it a finished look, but today we only care about function. ;)

And here we have a poorly lit side view. This is just to show that the heater is mounted about an inch away from the stainless steel sheet covering the wall.

We have the heater hooked to the same solenoid as the oven in our galley and the oven, grill and heater are all fueled by one propane tank, mounted on the aft transom. For more information on how to mount your own Force 10 Cozy Cabin heater, check out the online manual.


  1. Cool, we're considering either that or a diesel. Nice install!

  2. We are getting ready to install the Cozy Cabin Heater. Glad we found your pictures! Your boat looks great, too.

    1. cool! we use the heck out of ours in the winter... couldn't be happier with it! best of luck on the install!