Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anchorage One: Glorietta Bay

My spring break was the first week of April and we managed to scratch "First Anchorage of 2011" off of our List of Things to Do. We spent 72 hours on the hook in Glorietta Bay. Anyone who knows me knows I like to bring friends along to take care of my half of the responsibility. This time, we brought Mike... We couldn't have asked for better weather... sunny and in the mid-70's until the morning we headed back to the ball. It was the perfect little staycation, and we even managed to squeeze in (and pass!) our Coast Guard inspection on the way back. Ben's spring break is this week, so we came over to La Playa and dropped the hook for the weekend. I'll post some pics when the party's over!


Ben & Mike
Chillin' @ Glorietta Bay Park
Lola's Beach
Ben & his bitch, Mike ;)


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