Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keeps Gettin' Better

We made it home from the anchorage on Monday morning and I didn't bother to write because there was nothing interesting to tell about it. Today, I wanted to make a big deal out of my new pirate flag. It reads "Time Flies When You're Having Rum", with a skull and crossbones pictured in the middle. It seemed pretty cool when it arrived in my mailbox this morning. But today is much bigger than a little pirate flag flying high beside the mast.
This afternoon, we scored a used propane oven!!

It sounds so simple. Perhaps you have no idea how expensive a marine propane oven is. Or maybe you didn't know how impossible it is to find one used. For a year, we've tried unsuccessfully to secure one and this glorious day, thanks to a tip from Adam, our story has a happy ending. Now... everyone is invited over for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes! That means you, too!


  1. That must open up a whole new world of food options for you now!!

  2. it really does. we haven't actually hooked it up yet, but i can't wait to cook a pizza! haha. and maybe a casserole of some kind! :)

  3. Arrgh... it be a fine flag. Here is the one I have hoisted:

    "Commitment to Excellence"

  4. ahoy matey! yours is a fine flag as well.

  5. what time is dinner...thanksgiving dinner i mean!