Friday, July 3, 2009

Me and My Ride

Summer is a time for riding bikes, and luckily Ben scored a ride the same day I picked up Not Francie. (That's her name. Don't wear it out :P) We've been riding fools ever since. We decked out our bikes with baskets, lights, bells, whistles, and anything else big, responsible kids need to get around town without a hassle. The other day we ventured down the Embarcadero, past Seaport Village, behind the Convention Center and found this Hilton Hotel holding up the sky in a most prestigious way. Across from the Hilton was the Dole Cargo Terminal.

At the Terminal was this Dole cargo vessel. Some Fun Facts: *Each vessel holds 491 40' refrigerated containers.
*Each container holds close to 1000 boxes of bananas.
*Each box of bananas has over 100 individual bananas in it.
That's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Then we happened by this cool metal work of art behind Petco Park. We actually ended up riding all the way up to Hillcrest that night... Actually, I walked Not Francie some of the way. It's no joke riding up to Hillcrest and I'm out of practice. I'm hoping by the time Critical Mass happens in a few weeks, I'll be able to ride all the way to Balboa Park without having to walk my bike. I need to save face since I'll be riding with all men! Uh-oh!
Yesterday, we went out for a row (well, Ben rowed!) and caught this pic of a sailboat tacking in front of the city. Another beautiful day on the mooring field!

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  1. well it looks as though you are enjoying some dry adventures...and I dont mean dry as in ...dull! i mean, its been keepin up with practice here and the rain has been coming down in buckets for the last two days~what I wouldn't give for some consistent DRY fun. The bug population seems to be fairing very well though... if only the rest of us were as joyful