Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Galley

Since Ben installed the oven, we lost some storage space in our galley. Yesterday, I took a much-dreaded trip to Ikea for some space-saving storage ideas. I was actually pleased with what they had to offer. Outfitting a sailboat is trickier than a house because of the constant slant while we're sailing. If things aren't battened down, they go flying around the cabin while underway. Since I don't like to bother with the "battening" part each time we go for a sail, I was adamant about finding organizers that would stay put and not waste precious countertop space. (Sidenote: the only real countertop space we have is actually the top of our icebox so it also needs to be accessible.) I think our new fixtures should work well. I plan on taking another trip to Ikea (gasp!) in the near future to get a couple more items to complete the redesign.


  1. glad those hangy-shelf thingies work for you. I'm going to be picking up a similar set for my office... but I don't have to worry about my office being at a slant, unless I've tapped into the beverages a little early ;)

    BTW *love* the pirate flag!!

  2. Wow Your turning into the Martha Stewart of the feild!! Got to make it comfy or it just wont work. Soooo whats for dinner?

  3. oh your going to ikea again, you should walk and maybe buy your items over the course of a year, assuming that they wont all comfortably fit into your back pack! and i know you will find the humor in that