Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sailing Lessons

We went sailing on Mother Culture again on Thursday. This time, Adam and Jasmine came along. The more we sail, the more valuable lessons I learn:
* It's not enough to have sunscreen on board. I actually need to apply it before we go out.
* Sunscreen does not protect against windburn.
* Apparently the Navy has the right to close the mouth of the bay whenever they see fit.
* Sailing hurts. I'm tired and sore whenever we return to the mooring ball.
* And it makes me hungry...errr...ravenous.
* When the genoa gets twisted around the forestay, it can be a real b!^*% to untangle.

Here are some pics of our latest jaunt:

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  1. remi use to love sailing too. Your dog friend pic reminded me with his ears flying out! Every dog should be allowed to experience the joys of boating at least once in his/her life!