Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anchors Aweigh

This weekend we are anchored at La Playa, just a short sail from where we moor our boat in San Diego Bay. This is the first time we've ever anchored Mother Culture, so we're pretty excited! Joe sailed down here with us and gave us a lesson in anchoring. We got a little taste of how some sailors can be snooty if they think you're anchoring too close. (Luckily when we woke up this morning, said *snooty neighbor* had moved his rig.) It's nice and quiet here- no airport across the street, no Coast Guard helipad right next door. Just the sound of kids playing in the water and the occasional dog barking. And no waves. The difficult part is trusting the anchor will hold while Mother Culture spins circles around it. But I'm fast learning that having faith is the name of the game in sailing. I'll be working here for the weekend while Ben works at the hotel and we'll be heading back to the ball on Monday morning.

Ben & Joe Sailing

the Bow
Ben & Joe Relaxing
Mother Culture Anchored in La Playa

The Anchor Rode
A Carnival Ship Sails Down the Bay
on the other side of Shelter Island
Neighborly Ducks

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  1. Wow Cool!! I'll bet it's nice in there today. Sunday night will be best when everyones gone!!