Friday, November 18, 2011

Pictures of Catalina

Only about 4 months late, I finally uploaded pictures of our Catalina trip to Picasa. (For those of you who use Facebook, they are essentially the same as the ones I uploaded there in August.)
Cruising to Catalina Island


  1. Those are great pics, totally worth the wait. Sailing to Catalina Island looks like a really nice trip, how long does the "typical" sail usually take?

  2. i think it really depends on the boat. a friend of ours made it there in 12 hours but for our boat, we'd plan on 20 hours and hope to make it there quicker. (it took us 20 hours to get back to SD from Catalina and the wind was blowing opposite of what it normally does. usually the return trip is the quicker one but not the case for us this summer.) we're still newbies so we don't really have any experience as far as timing trips!