Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Windy City

Here in San Diego, we don’t really have weather. But that doesn’t stop me from complaining about it every now and again. I try to be thankful but this past week it has been way too windy. I feel as though I’m living in a wind tunnel. I sit protected in the belly of the boat… my little cocoon away from the real world. As soon as I stick my head out the hatch, I feel the Wind trying to decapitate me. I loathe Wind. Wind is probably the only thing on Earth that can actually anger me to throwing blows. But it evades my blows (which is why, I think, it angers me so much). It’s like a bully picking on the little kid. Pick on someone your own size, Wind! I’m just biding my time until we get our wind generator to harness you, Wind! Then you will be working for me! Take that, Wind!
(Beautiful photo: Courtesy of Ben)

Here is a quick video of the wind:


  1. Sam,

    If you're starting to get pissed off at things like the wind, maybe you need a decent shore-time break ;-)


  2. honestly, i've hated wind ever since i was lil bit growing up in new england. land or sea, it ain't for me! ;)

  3. Wow... I'd be sick of the wind too :)
    it sounded loud in the speaker of your phone/camera...

  4. I didn't mind the wind when I in Connecticut as long as I was inside. I loved listening to it howl in the trees & whistle along the eaves of my grandparents' house. Ever since moving to Florida though & living through the relentless hurricanes of 2004, anything above a refreshing breeze just is not for me!

    That photo is amazing, by the way. It almost looks like it's a black-and-white except for the bright blue. So cool!

  5. Dawn: don't you think the wind in CT was the type that would blow right thru you? brrr! after looking at the pic, i think ben might have doctored it up to look that way... he's taking a photography class and they are learning all the tricks on photoshop.