Friday, April 10, 2009

Mexico: San Felipe

We're back in San Diego. Some people expressed concern for our safety in Mexico, but to them I quote Public Enemy by saying "Don't believe the Hype." Since we don't have any connections to a drug cartel, and we avoided the larger cities, we really didn't need to worry about being murdered. The typical people of Mexico are some of the friendliest, happiest people and we really enjoyed the chance to practice our Spanish while relaxing beachside. The most troubling part of our journey (for me) was the drinking water. I didn't actually drink the water, but I do like my margaritas on the rocks, and that has caused me a bit of turmoil for the past couple days. However, a little queasiness is a small price to pay for a fun, cultural adventure.

We drove from San Diego south to Ensenada with a plan to cut across Calle 3 east to San Felipe. Unfortunately, the roads in Mexico aren't marked quite as clearly as they are here in America, so we made a detour to Tecate before realizing we were all the way back at the US Border. Once we got our bearings (the only map we could find was a shoddy painting on the side of the Circle K building), we made our way east to Mexicali and then south to San Felipe. We stopped for a margarita and some lunch on Avenida Mar de Cortez and then headed north to look for a spot to camp. It was a busy week for Mexican vacationers so we were lucky to find a palapa available for two days at Kiki's. We put up the tent and headed out to see what the town had to offer. Here are some pictures from San Felipe:

San Felipe is a fishing town...

Palapas @ Kiki's

Me & Lola on the Sea of Cortez

Sign at neighboring campground

Ben at Sea of Cortez

Lola enjoys the shade of a panga

A view towards the campground

Another view down the beach

Se vende nieve

Yo y la piƱa

Ben spikes the drink

Fishermen on the sea

Panga y los pelicanos

A view down the Avenida Mar de Cortez

A sailboat and a panga in the sea

The tide is starting to go out


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