Monday, April 27, 2009

Come Monday

Today was a pretty big day... Ben put the finishing touches on his newly designed exhaust system and the Atomic 4 is purring like a kitten again. Now, we need to pick up the jib from the sail repair shop and we'll be good to go. I foresee a sailing adventure in our near future!!

This is Ben, tucked inside the lazarette, working on the exhaust.

Here we have the bowels of the boat. The white tubing on the left is the blower, which pumps gas fumes out of the bilge before starting the engine. The mechanism in the middle attaches to the tiller at the top and the rudder at the bottom, for steering. The black tubing on the right is part of the new exhaust, which attaches to the muffler (which is in the back lazarette and not visible in this picture).

For a little perspective, this is a view of the tiller in the cockpit.

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