Wednesday, November 11, 2009


V-BERTH [vee burth] -noun: The bunks forming a "V" at the front (bow) of a boat.

This is a picture of our V-Berth.
Typically, sailors sleep with their feet towards the bow. Not always true for Ben and I. For the first year of our lives on Mo-C, Ben and I slept with our heads in the bow. It was a little tight- not quite enough room up there for two normal sized pillows. We spent plenty of nights elbowing one another for lack of space (thank goodness we get along so well or we might not have lasted this long). Just a few months ago, we decided to try something new and flip around, feet towards the bow. It was like a whole new world. We were suddenly like those old couples who sleep in separate beds. At first, I was excited to decorate my half of the berth with pink feather boas and fluffy plush pillows. I could stretch my arms wide and snore as loudly as I wanted without ever having to worry about waking Ben.  And Lola? Oh Lola! She could finally find her place right between us without having to worry about falling or being kicked into the great abyss.  Life was good!

Eventually our new-found freedom and happiness turned into lonliness and isolation.  I'd wake up in the morning and call Ben on his cell phone to make sure he was still there, nestled beneath his pile of blankets.  With my arm stretched as long as it would go, I could almost reach him on the other side of the boat.  Almost.  But not quite.  A wedge was coming between us.  Or, more appropriately, a wedge-shaped void.

We began to resent the void.  We weren't ready to retire to separate beds like those old married couples.  We're not even married.  So why should we let this void in our V-berth come between us?  Well, my friends, the days of the void are fast coming to an end.  Last weekend, Justin came over with his power tools and he and Ben constructed a wedge to fill the void!  The void hasn't been filled completely, but nearing the top of my "List of Things to Do" is to buy new foam and construct new cushions for the V-berth, including our newly filled void.

And below our newly filled void will be ample storage for shoes! Hoorah!


  1. Were that most of life's problems so easily identified and dealt with.


  2. That's exactly what we did! (With the exception that our addition is actually two piece of plywood so that we can take out one and don't have to lift Chopper (the dog) onto the bed. Works great! Happy sleeping!

  3. T&M: we were hoping to add some sort of contraption so Lola could climb up and down without help but no luck so far. she's really tiny so we'd need a ramp or a pulley system. not feasible for now. maybe we'll figure something out in the future. ben is from the DC area, too... neat.