Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Haul Out

Here are a couple vids of Mother Culture being hauled out...

And a few *Before* pics of her bottom...

What a beautiful keel she has!


  1. Wow what a hearty boat. Love the full keel!!.
    Isn't a haul out like looking at your girlfriends panties? Hummmm anyway make SURE you save enough paint to hit those unsightley pad spots be for ya launch. Hit it twice even if the paints wet it'll be ok before ya hit the water.
    Peace glad your safe
    ps dont be surprized if Craig and I are anchored next door. Work tanked

  2. let us know if you sail over. we'll be in the yard til monday and then back in mission bay anchorage til we can sail home next friday. two week vaca! (except it's a hardworking vaca!)

  3. Why is the boat a she? I defenitly would could it a he!!


  4. Kai: i don't know why it's a she. it's like some sort of tradition or something... at least here in America. they always refer to boats as "she".