Monday, October 12, 2009


Those of you who don't know me well may not realize I walk the line of misanthropy. (Hence, living on a sailboat.) Here is one reason for my indignation:

Recently, I pedaled over to the Sheraton to take a shower. (Please bear in mind, I said Sheraton. Not Ritz Carlton.) There are three showers in the women's locker room - two single stalls and one handicapped. After securing my belongings in my locker, I grabbed a towel and headed over to the showers, only to find that some wretched pig apparently thought she was too highfalutin to pick up after herself. I would imagine it was a mother and her children, as *all three* stalls had been littered with wet, filthy towels and washcloths. It seems impossible to me that one oinker could do all this damage herself... and highly unlikely that three separate pigs made their mark. I'd venture to say it was one big sow passing bad habits on to her little piglets. I actually had to clean up after the swine... just one more reason in a growing list of why I'm losing faith in humanity, one pork chop at a time.


  1. Maybe a body condom is in order? We can ducktape a your foulies on for ya. I guess that wouldnt get the "boat gunk" off though.

  2. What I end up wondering is why do people treat places with any less respect than they would give their own homes? Or maybe they just live in squalor...

  3. maybe they just think they are too *good* to pick up after themselves. or maybe they have a maid at home. :(