Sunday, February 22, 2009

Without The Bitter, The Sweet Ain't As Sweet

A couple postings ago, I listed 25 Random Things about boat life in order to give everyone a better idea of what living aboard entails. Because I assumed most people have a romantic image of life aboard a boat, I tended toward the negative in that list. This time, I wanted to focus on the positive. So here goes...

1. The Sheraton (where we shower) is a mini paradise, complete with fountains, fire pits, and waterfalls.

2. Who needs hot running water when you have a teapot and a burner?

3. Carrying 36 pound jugs of water is good exercise.

4. We live off the grid. (Even if we drove a Hummer and ate beef, our carbon footprint would be lighter than that of a vegetarian living in a pink ticky-tacky box).

5. Update: We DO have a heater on the boat. Yay!

6. I was in a bad relationship before I met Ben. I thought a larger dwelling was the answer. I was wrong. 200 square feet is plenty of space for a couple of happy people. (Think what you will).

7. Couples living on boats actually enjoy spending time with one another. And we enjoy spending time with like-minded people.

8. We live in a neighborly community. Neighborhood Watch is always in full effect.

9. You are who you surround yourself with. Just about everyone who lives on a boat would agree: Work to live. Don’t live to work.

10. Rowing is good exercise, and fun!

11. Happy Drunks.

12. When I was a kid, my Nana used to let me and my sisters row her boat around Lake Garda. Every time I row my dinghy, I reminisce about those times.

13. Our home is the backdrop for the 5 o'clock news at least once a month. (Million dollar view... SERIOUSLY!)

14. Our boat rocks us to sleep every night.

15. We never have to deal with solicitors, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Mormons.

16. Hard work builds character. Self-sufficiency means not taking things for granted.

17. Sailing = Free Travel.

18. We don’t have a TV. I don't understand how (or why) people can spend so much time in front of the TV.

19. We used to stand on the land and imagine how cool it would be to live "out there." Now we live "out there" and watch all the people on land looking at us.

20. The prismatic sky as the sun sets over the Pacific.

21. Have you ever witnessed a full moon hanging low over the San Diego skyline?

22. This is one of my favorites: I've never heard any of my neighbors give a negative reply when asked "How are you?" Life just seems a little sweeter on the water.

23. The serenity of the water early in the morning when I take Lola for a potty break: It reminds me every day how lucky I am to be doing what I'm doing.

24. The sound of the rain falling on the deck of the boat while we're tucked away inside the dry cabin.

25. We can watch sea lions, Great Blue Herons, pelicans, ducks, jellyfish, among other awesome creatures, right in our own "backyard".

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