Friday, February 13, 2009

Spread the Love

This Valentine's Day, show your friends and family you really love them by giving them gifts that are not only cool, but Earth-friendly as well. Here are some ideas:

*Canvas Grocery Bag (They are cute and they don't suffocate children. Or wildlife.)

*Reusable Coffee Mug (That plastic lid on your Starbucks cup is not recyclable.)

*Reusable Water Bottle (Your Aquafina bottles have floated out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to form a plastic island twice the size of Texas. And, NO, I did not make that up.)

*AeroPress Coffee Maker (The best invention ever! It uses ZERO electricity and makes awesome coffee, espresso, and lattes in only 30 seconds!)

*A Bicycle. Your friends and family can save gas and get in shape at the same time!

Or, at the very least, wrap their gifts in recyclable paper. And please remember, our planet is a terrible thing to waste.


  1. I started using my own bags for groceries at the end of last year. It's so easy. I don't know why more people don't do it!

    I can't believe there is an entire *island* of plastic water bottles. That is so disturbing. I really need to look into getting one of the metal reusable ones. I had a plastic one but they just don't last that long & it's really only slowed down the disposal of plastic bottles, not eliminated it.

  2. Great ideas Sam! I use a BPA free water bottle that I bring to work each day now. I use to get a plastic bottle of smart water from the cafe here almost everyday (I won't drink the water here!) at work and after reading up on it realized how bad it is. I never realized HOW bad though until reading this.