Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Go Away!!

I keep wanting to write something profound but I can't find the words. Many transplants living here in San Diego chose San Diego in order to escape bad weather elsewhere. I live here for the same reason. This winter has undermined my reasoning. Let's face it... this entire year has been a disappointment as far as weather goes. Ben and I spent time in Costa Rica this summer in order to avoid June Gloom. When we got back to San Diego the sun never came out, so we took off on a road trip to Michigan with the hopes that summer would greet us on our return to San Diego. No such luck. We did enjoy a beautiful Indian Summer for a few weeks in October and November. But this winter has been anything but pleasant. Last week it rained for something like 5 days straight. Worse than the torrential rains were the howling winds. We laid awake at least one entire night grappling with our faith in the chains that bind us to our mooring. I am not a religious person, but I would liken my faith in the boat and the mooring to anyone's faith in God (with one huge difference being the actual tangible boat and mooring). I'll admit after last Wednesday night, I was second-guessing, once again, my ability to live on - or sail - a boat. But eventually the sun always comes out (not always accompanied by warm temperatures) and the memories of sleepless nights fall by the wayside. I find myself a little bit stronger and I can laugh about the adventure. Until the next storm (read: today). 


  1. I was thinking about all my California friends last week with all that rain. And I hear it's raining again? We're prepared for monsoons here but my best friends live in the (well-disguised) desert. All those mudslides scare me!

  2. even though i was feeling sorry for myself last week, i couldn't help but think of all the people who live on hills, valleys or along rivers. the flooding and the mudslides are scary. i'm lucky that my home floats!