Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Imagine my surprise when I mozied down the dock this morning and spotted a dinghy flipped upside down, hanging off the stern of another dinghy. Then imagine my "Oh shit!" moment when I realized it was Ben's dinghy that was flipped, outboard motor dangling upside down in the water. I'll admit I panicked a bit. I ran down and hopped into Eddie's dinghy and tried with all my might (well, what little might I do have), but to no avail. There was no way I could flip that thing back over by myself. I rowed home in a frenzy, called Ben at school (you know, cuz I figured I might as well panic him, too!) and told him what happened. Then as any good girlfriend would do, I grabbed my camera and headed back to the dock. Snapped a few shots. Tried fruitlessly to flip the thing over again (I swear I could have succeeded if only there wasn't a motor on the back!) and a few minutes later, like clockwork, Paul came pedaling down the dock and saved the day. What I can't figure out is how in the world did this happen?

Anyone with information on this crime is encouraged to contact s/v Mother Culture.
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  1. I belive I see the guilty party sitting in the background laughing! I'm sure the little CG bastards had a big laugh.

  2. yeah, i sure gave them the finger as they sat in their helicopter watching me try to flip it back over. you know how i feel about the coast guard.