Sunday, October 31, 2010

Neither Wind Nor Rain Nor Dark of Night

It seems the windy season has blown in and once again we're taking advantage of it.  Ben got a steal on this used Air-X wind generator and installed it last week.  Even though last year's microburst was most likely a *once in a lifetime* event for those of us who endured it, this time around Ben is going to install a kill switch to err on the side of caution.  I had planned on sharing a short 20-second video of the [yet-to-be-named] wind generator in action but as usual, my worthless 3G provider (hint: begins with the letter "V") refuses to allow me the pleasure of uploading even the shortest of videos.  So this half-assed picture will have to suffice instead.

The Honeywell generator has been working out perfectly on the calm, cloudy and/or rainy days.  I can actually start it on my own (Toot-toot!) and we found a place to set it where it doesn't cause a clattering reverberation throughout the entire boat.  As far as electricity is concerned, it looks like we've finally got everything squared away.

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