Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Sun Day

As typically seems to be the case, when I open my mouth I usually end up sticking my foot in it. Everyone that lives in San Diego knows about May Gray and June Gloom.  We expect those months to be cool and cloudy (and we try to schedule vacations during those months for that reason).  Ben and I went to Costa Rica in June and when we returned at the end of the month to a still-cloudy San Diego, we bit our tongues and tapped our fingers in anticipation of the hot, sunny weather July would produce.  The first week of July came and went and still no sun.  So we got out of dodge and motored over to Michigan to bask in their glorious rays.  We knew by the time we got back to San Diego, the sun would be in full force.  But when we returned at the end of July, still no sun.  It was my fault.  It's that old self-fulfilling prophecy.  Last July, I distinctly remember complaining about the heat and the ever-present sun.  I recall wishing the sun would disappear forever.  I even complained about it in a blog post.  I'm ashamed of myself, really.  I took the sun for granted and this July the sun decided to teach me a lesson. 

According to news reports, this July was the coolest in 77 years.  The coolest July since 1933!  There were only four clear days here in the Bay.  FOUR!  And I'm guessing they happened when we were in Michigan because I'm not sure I could have counted four clear hours.

Today is August 1st and if today is a precursor to what the rest of the month will bring, I'd say summer has finally arrived here in San Diego.  But I'm not counting on it.  I will, however, keep my fingers crossed. 

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