Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who Needs a Rock...

 ...when you can be carved in stone instead?

As you may have figured by now, we on Mo-C aren't what most people might describe as a "traditional family".  The parents aren't married and the child has a big ears and extremely short legs.  But that doesn't mean we don't take our commitment to one another seriously. 

Before moving onto Mother Culture (and even before living in Tater), we lived in the coolest place on earth, Ocean Beach.  We consider it home away from home and OB will always have a place in our hearts.  We still visit OB at least every other day to pick up our mail at the Post Office, to get lattes at Pirate's Cove Coffee Cart (yes, you heard me right!) or margaritas at the Blue Parrot.  OB is the town in which Lola grew up (and in many ways, it's the town where Ben and I grew up, too!)

In honor of our love for OB and for our "non-traditional family", we have carved our union (and transition) in stone along Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach... to continue on long after we're gone...

Here's to OB, Mo-C, Ben, Sam & Lola! 


  1. wow that is so crazy. We did the same thing, except it took us longer to find the sailboat. We lived in Yumbum, a ford Econoline van, for almost 2 years, then Alberta the airstream for another two. Tater was really really cool, but I guess I don't have to tell you that.

  2. i know... i've been noticing all the parallels in our lives! we didn't plan on finding a sailboat as soon as we did. the plan was to drive Tater across to the east coast and look for a boat there. but when Mo-C came up for sale over here, we couldn't pass her up! we do miss Tater, though! (actually, from time to time we still see him here and there!)