Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Day on the Mooring Field

Yesterday, Ben met Joe & Brad out in the bay to help bring Pharaoh back to the ball.  Pharaoh and crew spent the last ten days at the cop dock, working to get her engine running.  Unfortunately, the cops shooed them away before they got the parts back from the machine shop, so she needed a tow back to the ball.  (Photo, right)

I spent last night at the hotel while Ben was working, so I was able to upload some of my HD videos onto YouTube.  Here are links to some of the Livingston videos that I didn't get to post the other day:

Livingston 1
Livingston 2
Livingston 3
Home Stretch


  1. I love that previous video of the bird. Great work! I was wondering what kind of camera do you have. I just got a HD and everything looks great on my computer but after I upload it all goes to hell. Can you give me some pointers?

  2. i have a sony digital camera with HD video. and i don't know much about it. i just took the video and uploaded it to youtube. i don't remember doing anything special but i think there might be an option on youtube for uploading it in HD or just regular. or at least i noticed that when i want to play a video, there is a little button in the lower right side of the movie screen that says "360p" and if you click it, it brings up a list of different #'s, the largest one being HD. so maybe it's uploaded correctly but when you play it back, it's playing in a lower definition unless you manually choose HD? that's the only thing i can figure. (i've only had my camera for a week or so, so your guess is as good as mine!)

  3. Hey that sounds like a pretty good theory. I'll have to check that out next time I you tube. Thanks!