Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunset Row: April 6, 2010

Every now and again, the three of us take a row out past the mooring field to watch the sunset. I figured it might be fun to post a picture or two (or three...) from our sunset rows. After all, sunsets are like snowflakes... no two are alike.


  1. Hey guys, nice pics. Not sure where I came across your site, but love that there are others out there living the dream on a "classic" boat. My wife and I are on a 1968 Cal 34, although not full time. Just getting ready to mover her down to Florida and cruise the Keys and the Bahamas. Hope you don't mind us tagging along.
    Would love to know how you like living on the hook. That's a dream of mine, but it's a ways off. Look forward to your updates.
    Jim and Amy

  2. hi guys... thanks for following along. we are having a lot of fun out here... just learning the ropes and getting the boat outfitted before we take off... someday down the line... we're both originally from the east coast, too! we love to read about others adventures in sailing, so looking forward to following your blog, too!