Monday, December 7, 2009

Macroburst of Ego

Apparently, there is this little thing called a "microburst".  One whipped through this afternoon, shortly after I rowed back to Mother Culture on my way home from school.  (Thank goodness I wore my foulies!) Judging from the vibrations felt throughout the boat and our bodies, Ben and I believe said microburst may have exploded on or in the very near vicinity of Mo-C. Here is a video of the solar panels and wind generator in the "Before" positions. Tomorrow we'll post the "After" pics. Oh yeah... and we lost an oar. But, luckily we found it on the rocks when we braved the storm to make a packie run.

1 comment:

  1. Holley shit!!!
    And that was before it realy hit the fan. A friend called and the news said 60 to 80 knots!! This sucks!! Im outa rum food and smokes. And rolling like a kite and the dinks allmost sank so my fuel is wasted sheesh what a day !!! Super neato as long as the lines hold. Markitos