Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's A Girl!

This is Mother Culture. She is a 33ft. Islander Sloop, built in 1966. She is moored in the San Diego Bay, right near downtown San Diego. We are living aboard and our new home offers the best of both worlds. We are walking distance (after we dinghy to the dock, of course) to downtown San Diego and we have an awesome view of the city. But (more importantly) since we are living on the water, we don't have to deal with all the wackadoos in the city. (With the exception of one wackadoo named Cider Jack who happens to live on the bench on land just about 15 feet from our boat... but luckily he can't get any closer to us). I have included some pics of the boat (note the view:)) and I will be chronicling our adventures here. But please don't hold your breath waiting for pictures of exotic places. First, we must learn to sail!

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