Monday, July 14, 2008


This Dinghy is our ride. Just as you have a car, we have a Dinghy. Without this Dinghy, we're either stuck on the boat or on the Hard. As I described in my last blog, there are different docks we can lock our Dinghy to. Because we have to row everywhere, we tend to use the two docks closest to our boat.

Here is a picture of the main dock:

The other day we docked Dinghy and went ashore for a walk. We usually lock Dinghy on the side of the dock closest to our boat. As we were returning from our walk, I recognized Dinghy on the wrong side of the dock and panicked. Dinghy must have come unlocked and started drifting! We ran down to catch Dinghy before it was too late. As it turned out, Dinghy had been tied up to the dock by a friendly neighbor. Somehow our lock had failed and Dinghy was on the loose, drifting across the bay! One generous resident of our community saw Dinghy on the move, rowed over, lassoed her and reined her back up to the dock. We owe a special Thank You to Jim for saving Dinghy. And a special 'F' You to Master Lock for the $#!%%iest piece of crap we've ever purchased.

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