Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beer Can Races on s/v Time Out

s/v Time Out on the right
A few weeks ago, Ben and I teamed up with our neighbors Ralph and Brigite, and friend Oliver, to compete in the Beer Can Races on their 26' Ranger, s/v Time Out. We came in 1st in our class that night. Ben has sailed with "Team Time Out" a few more times since and they've placed either first or second each time. Here are a few pictures of the race taken by various photographers who were out on the water at the time:
s/v Time Out rounding the buoy

s/v Time Out flying the spinnaker

s/v Time Out (in the forefront) - That's Ralph at the helm, Oliver in yellow, me in red, and Brigite  up front. Ben  must be hiding behind Ralph!

Ben and Ralph having a beer before the race begins


  1. hi stephen,
    i guess as far as the racing team on Time Out, Ralph organizes that. and the Beer Can Races in general are organized by Cortez Racing Association. does that answer your question?