Saturday, January 15, 2011

Second Chances

We just got back from ten days in Florida. Once I get the pictures organized, I'll share them in another post. Ben's bicycle was stolen while we were gone, as always seems to be the case.

For those of you who know the saga of the cat next door, I was glad to snap a picture of her in a trap yesterday. A trapped cat may not seem worthy of a smile but this cat has been  living in squalor, left for dead for at least the last six months, and living a solitary life (with occasional visits by the owner) on this boat for as long as Ben, Lola and I have been here. We (and others) have been bringing her food and water... but a lonely life trapped on a boat is no life for a cat. So the mooring company captured her and they will be bringing her to the humane society. Hopefully she will find a forever home, but no matter what happens, at least she won't be living in filthy, sinking boat for the remainder of her days. I only wish I knew the name of the boat owner so I could report him to the authorities.

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