Monday, February 22, 2010

Joshua Tree

We decided to take advantage of the warm weather and President's Day holiday last week by hopping into Thin Mint and venturing out to the desert. Our first instinct was to camp at the Salton Sea, just west of Anza-Borrego Desert, but upon arriving, we realized how lame the sea could be and headed north to Joshua Tree.  We entered the park from the southern edge...
First stop: Cottonwood Spring.

Then we continued on through the park,
stopping here and there to take in the scenery...

We set up camp at Jumbo Rocks...

And went for a short hike before sunset...

Then we cooked up some grub:
Panang Curry with Mock Duck

We spent the night watching shooting stars
 and headed north again in the morning.
We detoured south for a bit to check out
Keys View (Elev: 5185 ft.)

Then we headed home again...


  1. I can't believe your dog rides in a pack like that, how cool! I've tried that with Chopper, but the only way that worked is by tying his feet, and well...that seemed a bit mean.

  2. lola's been riding in a bag ever since she was a puppy so i guess she's just used to it- we're always sneaking her into places she's not supposed to be! (shhh!) she knows it's either the bag, or she's gonna have to stay home alone! we ride her on the motorcycle and in our bicycle baskets, too. i'm picturing chopper with his feet tied, and well, yeah, that seems mean! haha. have you tried one of those baby backpack thingies? (another great visual! haha)

  3. I guess I should have tried that with him, from puppydom, coz its a lost cause now.I tried the airplane carry-on bags but he's just like wtf is this. I also rode him around in one of those attach it to your bike kid things, but as I was stuffing his head under the screen mesh, I sort of stepped back and the absurdity of it was too much. How much does Lola weigh? Chopper is 17lbs, and so far the best thing is to tuck him like a football, and go. I think I will try more of a sling type thing in the future, just in case we need both of our hands to get on/off the boat and take the dog too. I love the little guy, and he adds so much to our life, but a pet aboard is a PITA! Now I know.