Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dana Point

I met Ben and Adam at Dana Point Shipyard yesterday morning. Adam is spending the weekend scraping, sanding and repainting the bottom of his boat, Rita. Hopefully, by the end of the year, Ben and I will be doing the same with our boat. Here are some pics from their voyage and the sights around Dana Point Harbor:

Adam and Jasmine at the helm

Smoke from the L.A. Wildfires

A view from the cockpit

The fog rolling in on Doheny State Beach

Rita in position to be hauled out

Haulin' Out

Adam scraping barnacles

Lola, Adam, Rita & Ben

You can always tell the fishing boats
because the birds flock to them

Dana Point Harbor

Pirate Ship

Adam, if you're reading this... Bon Voyage and don't forget your SD Family!!

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  1. Craig and I took Adems bike and a steaming light to him. You should see him!! He's wet sanding the bottom and looks like one of those "Blue Man Group" guys. I tried to hook him up with a shower but ole Adem likes to rough it I guess.