Friday, September 19, 2008

Sailing Pics

Here are some pics from our last sailing journey. We sailed toward the south end of the bay and under the Coronado Bridge. We had a chance to play around with the sails and learn more about how they work with the wind. There is a lot of water traffic (often in the form of giant military ships) coming from that area of the bay so we also got some practice in getting out of the way... FAST!

The Convention Center

Some Crazy Navy Ship

Me @ the tiller

Lola Chillin'

Getting Ready to Sail Under the the Bridge

Under the Bridge

A View in the Other Direction

Ben & Lola Taking a Break

The Aircraft Carrier that came up behind us... FAST!

Me in my Foul Weather Gear

The Mainsail

Ben in his Foul Weather Gear

Lord Hornblower

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  1. such great pictures.. how fun to always be on the water.. how does your doggy like it?